1. (noun) The feeling one has after staying awake far too late doing nothing productive and knowing all the while that one is doing nothing productive. Similar to, and can overlap with, a hangover, but usually slap-happier.

2. (interjection) Rhymes with silver.
There were no men on that infomercial, but last night I ordered Meaningful Beauty, but now that I've got the pilver I'm not sure it was a good idea, even after she cut the price in half.
to steal from your friends, usually done by someone you don`t know that well. an act of betrayal, usually small in scale
yeah, jim came over and when he left I noticed he pilvered some of my cd`s
by 0utsider December 7, 2006
Vulgar bright purple with shiney silver stripes.
Her pilver gown made her look like an asshole.
by Kalfred September 1, 2005
To be given something you don't care for. Other contexts would be pilvering or pilvered.
Do not Pilver others! To Re gift and ugly scarf you received last X mas, it would be pilvering. If a person gave their phone number or Email without you asking, then they have pilvered that on you.
by Zufelt November 27, 2013
Pilver: <verb>

The act of hitting somone on the shoulder with your head.
also /pilvered/pilvering
Larry was talking to much, so Barbra pilvered him.
by Domatoga January 21, 2012