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Making slow and luxurious love to a soft pillow, rubbing the pillow against one's genitals or thrusting into the pillow, a.k.a. pillow humping. Pillows are actually very humpable and can be used for masturbation by both males and females. Pillow sex is also very safe, because the risk of getting a STD from your pillow is zero unless you share the pillow with someone.
Last night I had very sweet pillow sex thinking about my hot cousin.
by Pulvillus November 11, 2006
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thrusting you dick inbetween two pillows, as another masturbating method.
Brian stop having pillow sex!!!
by Hulio Mendez February 07, 2005
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Pillow sex is when you have sex with a soft pillow, which can include, humping it, rubbing it on you sexualy, or making out with it humping it, then put a hole in it to put your dick in.
Brian was lying on his bed, reading sex stories. "Man I wish I can have sex with someone". Then he turned his head and saw the huge teddy bear his mom had gave him. He starts to strip then when he is butt naked, he puts a hole in the back and front. Then starts putting his dick in the bear. But little did he know then bear was alive and started mouning " OHHH HARDER FASTER MMMMM BABY PLEASE DIG IT DEEPER" she yelled. Brian didn't even stopped to think and went faster and harder and everytime he went in, he went in deeper. They did this for an hour and she gave him a blowjob. He kept her in his room forever to be his sex slave, but she didn't mind. He had pillow sex for the rest of his life.
by I'm_a_sucker_for_dicks October 16, 2017
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