Exercise your rights or you are just another norm
We all have the right to:

1. Make our own choices.
2. Not be controlled by those who believe they are superior to us because they earn the money and pay the bills.
3. Be in control of our destinies (although we must listen to the universe when she calls).
4. Privacy, even from those we believe love us (When someone loves you they respect your privacy).
5. To dream, to hope for a better future for ourselves and for those that we love.
6. Forgive and be forgiven (true love does not require forgiveness).
7. Be understood and to understand ourselves (to understand ourselves we must first be honest with ourselves - Refer: Choice
8. To be happy (Refer: point 2)
9. To be able to tell the one you love that you love her while you are making love to her without fearing that she will never speak to you again.
10. To not be stoned everytime she is willing to love you.
11. To be able to hold her in your arms after sharing so much.
12. Give of ourselves freely; to not be told to follow the rules of Bogans.
13. Be respected; to be helped to find ourselves again when we are lost. (those who love you, will sacrifice everything to help you. Those who only say they love you, do not care enough to show you the respect that you deserve.
14. Follow our hearts and not our minds.
15. Take a risk even when there never was one.
16. Not be blackmailed by those we have become dependant on. - example: When you come home after an amazing day and they are sitting on the edge of the bed with their suitcases packed telling you they are going to leave - that is blackmail. It also suggests that they are willing to risk losing you.
That they do not respect your intelligence and are more than willing to exploit your gullibility.
Just in case you are wondering - if they were going to leave, they would have already left.
The dilemma for you in this situation is that you do not have time to make a choice even if you tell the one who really loves you, that you did have to make a choice.
17. Love and be loved.
by Luke warm August 26, 2008
"REAL MEN are conservative."

"The environment? The environment is for fuckin' pussies."

"It outrages me when the Left gets outraged. Bunch of nutcases!"

"The Russia investigation is a witch hunt! Also, Hillary Clinton practices black magic and her father is bin Laden!"

"Putin is an American hero!"

"The government did 9/11, not the global terrorist organisation that hates the America and the West and claimed responsibility, and continued to carry out attacks all over the world until the rise of its successor Islamic State which continues to try to attack the West."

"The Earth is flat because aliens and NASA and the US education system failed me."

"I don't have any real ideological stance, I just agree with anything Trump says because I don't actually have any morals."

"I hate Jews but I hate Muslims even more so I won't say anything about how the US helps Israel. That being said I will happily drive over holocaust tombstones with my pickup truck given the opportunity."

"I'd rather have my deep-seated atavistic fears and urges govern who I elect than rational thought because intelligence is for libtard cucks."

"Anything other than conventional masculinity sends me into an existential crisis."

"Molesting kids is fine. Just don't use a private email server. Or be a Democrat."

"I TOTALLY respect Martin Luther King for all that he did."

"Obama eats children alive!"

"How dare you call Hitler a Nazi!"
"The Right has lost all credibility."
by áutechre September 26, 2018
Basically Modern day nazis who think themself as hero’s when they are horrible new-nazi racist that should go extinct. They are also the type of people who hated and want to suppress anybody who are different from them.
by NoIdeaGuy January 21, 2022
The right side of the political spectrum, in favor of lower taxes, personal freedom, and whatever other nostalgic princibles they feel like fighting for.

In the US, used as an alternate description of republicans, is made up of the wealthy, the old, the stupid, and the South (by civil war definitions, ie not including Californians.)
Politically aware guy: Man the right really cock blocked POTUS.

Other guy: The corporations man, the corporations
by parenthesistruth October 30, 2011
Common phrase used when someone is pretending that they are listening to you but they really don't care about any of the words that are coming out of your mouth.
"I just bought these brand new shoes this weekend. Aren't they dope vader?"

"Right right right."
by J Kerns May 12, 2008
Confirmation that one should go right
Hey its right right.
by Mr Meraz January 30, 2012