To get Pillayed is to get your belongings taken by Mr Pillay with his shiny malteser head at NSBHS often followed by the quote, "He just got pillayed"
James: Ryan just got Pillayed
Austin: Sad life...
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See Parsana
by Fonzi October 30, 2003
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"cool pillay bra!"

Derivation: teacher at nsbhs has one and i didnt know wot it was called so it is now a pillay
by poop September 20, 2003
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In 2004 Tejas Pillai the betrayer of Pewdiepie was born. At birth, Tejas was eating fish curry, daal, papadum, and samosa all day long while watching T-series. Many young kids consider Tejas as Gay but he shows equal love to both genders through hugs. Tejas is currently the God of India and all black people. In Pewdiepie's song Bitch lasagne it states "Tejas is nothing but a bitch lasagne" this shows t series is shit to the god of all whites Pewdiepie. To sum Tejas all up in one word it is 'simple but complex'
Kohli: I invented a new Curry
Pujara: What are you going to call it
Kohli: Tejas Pillai after our God
by Daniel5tookenham June 4, 2020
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Very dangerous dark man originating from the forbidden regions of South Africa. His bald head is able to manipulate the sun and weather, making him able to change the world with just a thought. Through the ritualistic polishing of his head, he is able to control adults and children alike.
No words can describe a man like Mr Pillay
by State Rank 1 IPT Student October 12, 2020
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