Every known cuss word combined into one word.
"Man, she's such a pike!"
by Amy F December 28, 2005
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To prod another into action (as if poking them with a spear).
Jeff: Did you hear back from the client manager when they are going to get our consultant started?

Ron: No, I'm going to pike him until he calls me back!
by Jeff Kennedy August 21, 2007
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To pepperspray a non-violent protester, especially if done in a casual manner with obvious excessive force.

See recent footage from UC Davis protest. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuWEx6Cfn-I
Group of protesters: SHAME ON YOU!

Observer: Did you see that cop? He totally piked all those people in the sit-in!
by Nerdlass November 20, 2011
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to pick up things off the floor that are dirty or have no value
pike:OOooooh lookie a shiny penny!!
by ooo-a-lava-lamp February 28, 2006
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1.) not only a fish .. but children of the new generation... if u no wot i mean ;)

2.) or just a word cos its cooooool! and sounds goood
3.) some1 incredibly stoopid (c example 3)
1.) Hana the pike, sasha the pike, charlotte the pike (we looove u)

2.) Pricey the pike

3.) ELizabeth the pike
by pike queen April 12, 2004
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A grouchy mother scratcher who sharts his pants. He is a big fan of bukkake!
Today I spoke with Pike and he called me a cock bite!
by jacaba bugglee June 18, 2004
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