A traditionally circular baked food, of Roman(?) origin, that is composed of two outer layers of pastry sandwiching an inner layer of the main ingredient such as fruit/vegetable chunks, condensed soup, dairy products, or meat.

An incorrect name for Pi, or a unit of measurement of a circle.
The most commonly baked type of pie in America is apple pie.
by AYB July 21, 2003
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1.Why is the song called three point one four?

2. Three point one four is 3.14 which is pi, and the term they reference is actually pie, because the song is about vaginas.
by Emperorx100 December 10, 2008
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What pie now!
lo bob! you have pie?
me like pie!
Pie is goooooooood!
by Rob The_Writer February 09, 2004
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