1. Pizza. Known also as za.
2. Mouth, when teamed with hole.
3. A tasty delicious treat filled with wonderful good things, one of Homer Simpson's favorite 'zerts.
1. Uno's makes the best pie.
2. Shut your pie hole.
3. Mmmmm, pie.
by Pie Lady August 10, 2005
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Subject of botched business metaphors
You need to look at both sides of the pie

My contribution? I've taken his bit and her bit all together in one pie

Yes the pay's the same, but you'll be getting a slice from a bigger pie.

Well if I take your pie and his pie, and put them all into the same pie, and we cut our pie into slices based on scale, we end up with more pie for all of us.
by TreeWeezel April 06, 2011
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Dated back in 1221 A.C. the first Pie was made in replication of a cows poop. cow pie was the inspiration to create the pumpkin pie, the shape and form has cultivated itself to modern times with various types of pies. Pie was meant to be eaten with your hands until it has been later decided that eating a pie straight from baking deemed too hot. Now they are used with utensils to protect the consumer.
Damn, that pie was good. #pieLyfe
by haaj November 26, 2016
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Slang term that originates off the streets of miami florida for calling someone pussy or soft.
by Dade305FL May 27, 2019
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Pie: Gave you happiness, and joy with every bite

Cake: got you burned in an Apature science non-emergency incinerator... without the cake :(
by PinkishPiePony September 27, 2011
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The only food Dean Winchester will eat if it’s brought to him by his boyfriend Castiel.
Dean: *Chews violently on Pie*
Castiel: All I taste is molecules.
via giphy
by Castiel is God October 27, 2019
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A word that can can come up in just about every conversation... it's also food.
Did you watch x-factor last night? No, but I did eat some pretty good pie.
by Haiho November 06, 2010
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