The Masked wonder, known for many things :magnificent, caring, overzealous to name a few. A Deadpool cause hes amazing but fugly as all hell
Dude who's that guy with the mask?

That's Rickter
by This slick rick March 18, 2019
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The act of getting fucked so hard that it doesn't measure on the pleasure meter or the rickter scale of sex.
...Not associated with rape...
Dude i gave this chick the rickter rail last saturday night and she didn't even feel a thing because it was so good.

josh- or you have a small dick?
by 1234658971346 November 6, 2007
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The god of piping peoples with dick.... could be more than one ;)
Girl:You see Daddy Rickter lately? He fucked me so hard yesterday.
Other Girl:He also fucked me yesterday.
Both:Oh Daddy Rickter!
by DADDYRICKTERLUVER January 10, 2018
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