- to have sex over the phone, i.e. phone sex
Person1: Yo man what ere you doing on the phone for so long?
Person2: I was talking to my GF. We were phucking.
Person1: My brotha!
by alembicox March 09, 2015
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Person Helping Understand Communicated Knowledge
The PHUCK explained why we were not getting what we were studyinig.
by Phili-Pbob'Sharsky October 29, 2020
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Word definition: a term teenagers use a lot when there angry
Teenager 1: dude what the phuck did you do to my hot wheel cars
Teenager 2: dude why the phuck are you yelling at me I didn’t do a phucking thing
by Poop is the new #swag October 13, 2018
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The proper name for four or more zombies.
Nate: Hey Chris is that a pride of lions?
Chris: No I think it's a pack of wolves!
Mike and Mike: you're both wrong it's a PHUCK OF ZOMBIES!
via giphy
by November 30, 2020
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