traditionally a Japanese onomatopoeia used as a growl like for lions, tigers, bears, dinosaurs.

Used in the H-Game/Anime series Air by the main female character as an expression of discontent, like when shot down on an idea, or hurting herself.

see also: 'uguu'
Misuzu: *trips falls flat on face*
Misuzu: "G..Gao...."
by Kunisaki Yukito February 11, 2005
Acronym: Genitals Above Ovaries, formed into a word through constant use.

Pronounced "gay-oh".

Meaning "vagina" (in an offensive manner towards males, i.e. in the same way "pussy" is), although grammatically incorrect due to translation from foreign language.

Origin unknown.

For other uses see "man gao" or "niggao".
"You're such a gao! Ask her the fuck out already."

"That dudes wedgie/cameltoe looks like mad man gao."
by definition91827 July 11, 2008
Sound a nidoran-m makes
Gao gao!
(Feed me!)
by Evil Tim September 14, 2003
A word created by Kamio Misuzu (female protagonist of Key's adventure game AIR), supposedly to immitate the sound that dinosoars make but comes closer to imitating the sound of a baby chick. May or may not induce a smack on the head by Yukito (male protagonist of Key's adventure game AIR). She normally says it when she's upset, confused, or generally in trouble. If you ever run into someone who uses this word as part of their common speech in real life, it is best to give them a quick thwap on the head as soon as possible.
Misuzu: Let's play cards!
Yukito: No.
Misuzu: Gao~
Yukito: 321THWAP!
Misuzu: My head... Gao~
Yukito: 321THWAP!
Misuzu: My head... Gao~

You get the idea.
by lostotaku January 6, 2005
Actually, 'Gao gao!' means 'lavish attention upon me!'. 'Feed me!' is 'Gaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo!' and 'rape me' is 'Gao gao gao gao Gaaaaaaooooooo' (with the butt in the air)
by pupli October 9, 2003
derogatory term for any woman who is a liar and a schemer
"She told me she was pregnant so we would get married...She wasn't!"

"Sucks man...What a gao gao!!
by drakelikescake August 8, 2009