A compact way of saying "you're fugly in reality, but darn in pictures you look good!"
Daft #1: you're so photogenic man!
Daft #2: asshole!
by youngstudd January 21, 2011
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Only a few lucky souls are born with photogenicity. Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) of the T.V. show How I Met Your Mother, is the best living example of photogenicity. Those who possess photogenicity will never look bad in a photo no matter what the circumstance. A study shows that certain names are linked to the photogenicity gene. The results show that males subjects named Daniel and female subjects named Madeline are most likely to have photogenicity (lucky ducks). Those born without photogenicity must succumb to popular exercises such as saying "cheese", or uncomfortable laugh before the picture is taken, in a futile attempt to look good in the photo. Individuals with photogenicity have the edge against other in their social lives because those who do not know them will instantly believe they were angels sent from heaven after briefly scanning their Facebook or other social websites involving photos of themselves.
Everybody thinks you are a hot piece of ass, you must have vast amounts of photogenicity.

Damn Neil Patrick Harris, due to your photogenicity, I can never take a bad photo of you. Why do you have to be so perfect? Marry me?
by boogiemansam June 15, 2014
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When someone looks attractive in pictures but is ugly af in reality
Example 1: Maria and Stephanie are photogenic .

Example 2: I seen Stephanie at school and she's so photogenic
by Mustybitch101 August 27, 2016
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Someone who is always taking pictures of themselves.

Usually Photogenic Penguins are members of social networks like Myspace, Facebook and Bebo.

These people are easily can be picked out.

Signs of a Photogenic Penguin is:
a) Carrying a camera/camera phone on them at all times.
b) Uploading 5 or more pictures of themselves each week on their page.
c) Commonly asking people if they can take a picture with them.
d) Has 3 shots or more of them looking the same.
e) Has a favorite Angle.
Frank- Hey did you see that photogenic penguin on myspace yet?

Joe- Yes, they added like 40 pictures of them self last night.
by Pancake Batter May 02, 2009
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Possessed by those who recall their past as much better than it actually was.
"Carla said on facebook, that she couldn't keep the guys off her at the club last weekend... Quite a photogenic memory she's got there. "
by AlxCondor October 09, 2014
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