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1: a stinker, a silly or mildly annoying person

2: abbr for phooey
(1) you spilled the ketchup all over my shoes you phoo!

(2) why does this keep happening to us? Phoo!
by SinMaster May 01, 2005
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I. Rare but somewhat humorous misspelling of photos, with a misplaced apostraphe.

II. Excretement, particularly diarrhea.

III. Similar to phooey, phoo's is an exclaimation that may be uttered, or rather shouted by someone who is in a spot of bother, or is displeased or unpleasantly surprised by something.

IV. A polite and yet somewhat unusual replacement for any swear word you may wish to refrain yourself from.
I. "Ah took some phoo's terdeh, Ah did. Wiv mah frehnds."

II. "My little bon-bon Banbo and my littler bon-bon Banjorb have the phoo's, they do!"

III and IV. Georg, after realising he has not included doors when he built his house, exclaimed with slight annoyance at his little mistake: "Ah, phoo's!"
by Caladhiel June 24, 2009
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A warrior or A God in the shape of human
man 1: oh i just got owned by phoo :(
man 2: dont feel bad, everyone gets owned by phoo
by Matthew James Hill May 20, 2008
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Something that is very pleasant or surprising, and results in excitement.
*similar to the phrase sick or beast"
Typically used only when something is overly exciting
"Yo man, that new Christina Aguilera song is just heard is straight phoo!
Yeah man... so phoo"
by J Lo the pimp April 14, 2011
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fucked up way of saying fool that i made up when i was wasted.
yo man ima go kick the shit out that phoo.
by the original mofo BIATCH June 24, 2004
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