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the type of girl who takes your breath away and is unforgettable. also known as Fia. if you ever meet a fia, make sure to grab on and never let go
"i had a phia once, but i lost her and have regretted it ever since"
by paulk January 14, 2006
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The girl who you should definately hold on to if you get the chance to even go out with her, if she likes you hold on to her, shes usually the most amazing person in the world.
Phia: I'm amazing!
Random stranger: YES YOU ARE!!!!
by jesse krestal February 24, 2008
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An amazing, beautiful girl that anyone would be lucky to have. She's naturally adorable, and she's the sweetest girl you'll ever have the chance to meet. She's very outgoing, and she makes you blush a lot!!!
Ethan: "Dang, that girl over there is named Sophia, or Phia for short."

El Pablo: "Oh, dang. She's gorgeous."
by AnNoYmOnOuSeThAn October 27, 2017
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