my penis is pheonix-hot!
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
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a pheonix down is what you use in most final fantasy games
to revive a "knocked out" allie. Most ppl have got KO'ed
in ff as being "killed off" it just meens knocked out!
thats why they couldnt revive aerith! she was "killed off"
not "knocked out"
"oh, crap! my whole party is dead and i only have 12 hp!
time for a phenoix down! *short pause(using pheonix down)
... DAMNIT!! i used it on myself!! NOOOOO!!!! *dead*
by joshxx March 22, 2007
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Super sexy female usually Brown
Loves guys named parker.
Sometimes lesbian but they get over it.
Pheonix:oh my god I honk parker is so hot
by Powershot9910 January 30, 2018
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Awesome Pheonix or Broken Stone is a man of few words (or at least he used to be) he loves monty gator x freddy fazbear fanfictions and the bee movie.
Awesome Pheonix is writing the bee movie script
by ToastyPog March 27, 2022
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synonym for the best damn femboy in the world.
"yeah I had a lapdance at the gay club last night, dancer was a real Mechanical-Pheonix" "Damn, I miss my ex, in public he was a macho man but in the bedroom, he was a mechanical-phoenix"
by Professional Mech Molester February 22, 2021
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When your full and drinking soda and burp so that you are hungry again and can eat more
Dude I was stuffed until that pheonix burp made me hungry again
by aquaman839 May 6, 2009
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