A friend that will "rise from the ashes" (the debris of your fuck up) and come to stand by your side. Stick with you through all of your mistakes, flame wars, and rough patches. The ones that are always there for you no matter what. The very best kind of friend. Even if you hurt them, they'll still end up being there for you. They can widthstand the flames of tough times and still manage to cheer you up and stick up for you.
You- "Going through a really rough time right now."

Pheonix Friend- "It's ok, you know that no matter what I'll always be on your side. I'm here for you."
by LucehRAWR May 17, 2011
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after cumming you pull out and dump gasoline on your partner. then light her on fire and watch her run around squaking like a bird and flayling her arms
John was fucked up so he pulled the flaming pheonix on some poor whore
by Ian Jacobs May 22, 2009
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A strong man that hunts any bird including the legendary Pheonix, he is only able to knock down The Pheonix when the Pheonix is distracted or in other words the "Pheonix Hunter" casts an illusion that puts visions into the Pheonix's mind about the past. The Pheonix, helplessly cannot forgive the unforgetable, emberassing, and humiliating past. The Pheonix Hunter then whips out his primary weapon, "The Hybrid Harpoon." Then he must do a thrust so swift to break The Pheonix's Mighty Barrior Skin.
That Pheonix Hunter sure fucked over that Pheonix!
by The Alex June 8, 2005
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Mechanical-Pheonix is the world's best femboy alive. He has an A-class bussy which balances out his C-class personality. He is my, professional retard's, waifu, and true love.
"Hey dude i was reading femboy weekly and mechanical-pheonix came in second!" "no way dude, mechanical-pheonix can't been in second place, he's clearly the superior femboy!"
by Professional Mech Molester February 20, 2021
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A video publishing company infamous for their not so well-done rip-off games, most likely just to profit off it, said games normally rip off disney or some other company, normally with a shitty cartoon thrown in there, this can range from originals (still done somewhat poorly)or other ripoff disney films. They stopped in 2010 for better or for worse. eh, probably for the better.
by American Doorknob Licker October 19, 2021
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A bird that some one lit on fire and when it dies they put the egg of the bird into the ashes so it is literately born again from the ashes.
look! it's a REAL pheonix
by r bginvefigrvefovgefocwdfebncw November 3, 2020
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when one magical creature ( witch, wizard, goblin, giant, etc) fucks the corpse of another magical creature. While this is going on the pet of a magician ( cat, owl, frog) uses a strap on to anally plunder the magical creature who is already having sex with the dead body. This sexual act was illustrated freaquently throughout the 7th installment in the Harry Potter series and displayed J.K. Rowling's imaginative and erotic writing style. Harry Potter, Percy Weasley, Hagrid, Tonks (as you probably deducted from her first name Nymph wasnt just another witch name) all played some role in this magical act. Hermione and Madeye moody typically took pictures which were actively able to show the beauty of his act since magical photographs move
As Neville was fucking Snape's lifeless corpse, Crookshanks adjusted his black strap on and proceded to enter Neville and fuck him the way Voldemort use to. Hermione's photographs clearly delicted the magic that is the order of the pheonix.
by Peanut Butter/ O Bitch August 4, 2007
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