:Physically Hype Aesthetically tight
you have a phat ride
i have fine "phat" girl
by Dunross P October 19, 2003
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means for men to call a woman fat without the consequences of death or severe pain.
Man1: Damn that girl is "phat"
Man2: Hell yea she is!
Woman: What the hell did you say!!!
Man1: umm well :thinking:were dead
Man2: Umm NO NO baby P H A T, pretty hot and tempting
Woman: Damn striaght
-woman leaves-
Man1: damn that was tight we didn't our asses kicked or nothing!
by Justin Bloomfield March 29, 2005
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girl that that is not necessarily fat but has attractive fat curves such as her behind or chest

by chillboy08 April 24, 2009
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1950,s NYC, urban black culture slang.
Pretty Hips And Thighs!
She's phat! Man (typically) speakes to another about a woman's (typically) voluptuous figure.
by Gaia's girl July 31, 2006
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a girl with a big butt
mike-wow that girl is phat
chris-i dont think shes fat but she does have a big butt
mike-thats wat phat means
by shavonne byrd July 10, 2008
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Word used by those with a limited vocabulary to describe something which they find quite good.
Anorexia is PHAT!
by dunce April 01, 2003
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