A condition in which a subject can safely and believeably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility associated through the knowledge of such truth.
The CIA black ops division undertakes dangerous and usually what would be considered illegal missions that are not officially sanctioned by the US administration so that the administration, which usually benefits from such missions, can safely dissavow any knowledge of them in the event of their publically uncovered success or failure. The administration is in the position of plausible deniability towards the CIA's actions.
by sugarbumlover October 18, 2005
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When it is acceptable for a party to lie about what they did because the truth would hurt too much and cause many problems.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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To know that your condom broke inside but you choose not to tell your partner
She has so many boyfriends, that if she ever gets pregnant, all of them gets the benefit of plausible deniability
by Tashrifm July 24, 2022
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1. A salad eaten at a large buffet in order so that the person eating it doesn't look like a total glutton to everyone around them.
2. Any act undertaken in order to hide one's true intentions.
1. I went to the buffet last night, but I ate some plausible deniability salad before heading for the wings, tacos, and steak.
2. Right before I porked your mom, I told her how sorry I was that her fifth husband had run away with the 1976 East German Women's Sumo Wrestling Champion, but consoling her was just plausible deniability salad. All I really cared about was getting it on with her.
by The Fourth Man in the Tub March 14, 2011
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By inviting Mary up for coffee, Bill was offering her plausible fuckable deniability, so as not to trip up her ASD.

"I have to show you this great Youtube video."

"What do you mean you haven't seen Avatar? I have a bootleg copy, let's watch it at my place."

"There's a beautiful lake view from my hotel room."
by ATexan March 3, 2010
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