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A phrase used to shorten the name of the scientific course "Physics AP: Mechanics" or "Physics AP: Electricity + Magnetism". This phrase not only describes a scientific course, but also implies sexual innuendo. See fap.
Lorraine: "I hear a lot of people are planning on taking Phap next year"
Lorene: "I wish I could take Phap."
Lorina: "I am!!!"
by Incognito12 February 19, 2014
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A reference to a period in time in which difficult group work is heavily procrastinated, and very little to no work is completed instead. This time typically ends up being the foundation for intriguing discussions and sexual conversations.
"I can't wait for 4B. I could really use a break"

"4B is going to be very interesting today. We're going to discuss how to cockulate."
by Incognito12 December 22, 2013
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