calling someone a fag. yet not meaning theyre gay.
Person 1: Omfg you just kicked me dude. You are phag.
Person 2: I am not a homosexual.
Person 1: Duhh I know thats why i called you a phag with a PH not an F....Dumbass.

friend 1 - so im deff. ashamed that i like this song
friend 2 - you like this song? haha PHAGGGGG
by [dinokris] June 28, 2006
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an acronym for please have a great summer
a clever way of calling someone a fag in there yearbook
Today i signed someone's year, it was nice to meet you and phag
by the anonymous ninja June 06, 2009
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Individual who proudly strives to thrwart oppression and negative stereotypes
Lots of phags are in the Peace Corps
by Karimnamazi October 10, 2004
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Something to call someone you respect or like and also offending people around you.
Oh my god, you're such a phag!
by Lindsay February 25, 2005
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Yo dawg, check out that phag over thurr/
Look look look! Phag! Phag! Checking me out!
by Mae June 16, 2004
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- pronounced 'ff-ag' -

1. Commonly used insult in Southampton, England, coined by Ele and Sophie in a Biology lesson when studying phagocytes. It can be elongated to 'phagpheatures'.

2. Ele's pen; it is a cow head attached to a spring attached to a pen. It has 'PHAG' written accross the back of its head, and when you squeeze the head, it squeaks.
1. Dizzee Rascal has meatdrapes you fucking phag!

2. Hey Ele, can I borrow PHAG? Something ate my pen.
by EleCanFeelTheSoil October 29, 2007
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