A petter is a wonderful, nice, hot, sexy, extremely talented person. Everybody loves a petter, whatever he does.
from rumors it's said a petter always got a huge penis.
Hot girl 1: Omg there is petter!!
Hot girl 2: OMFG I want him in my pants!
by dajnamajt May 19, 2011
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Someone of the female gender who enjoys caressing the penis.
Hey guys, look its the petter! Boy does she love petting.
by KoolAid March 11, 2004
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To annoy or hassle someone due to their romantic or potential romantic attachment to another individual; to pester someone using the elongated word "so", and an eyebrow raise.
I will petter her until she finally decides to make a move and ask that guy out.
by Sanay-nay March 10, 2009
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someone who pets there hair in a forward direction to the left with there right hand, causing a combover / emo effect with there hair, the hair will over time become stuck like this. A petter will also pet non-stop without even knowing it and continue to pet even after being yelled at several times. Petters will also barge into your house at ridiculous times of the day and proceed to open your fridge and take whatever he or she pleases, without even considering your opinon or thoughts. Petters will anger everyone around them and cause great Arguements with friends and family, Destroying all hopes and dreams. Petters will end up with dead-end jobs and get nowhere in life
1) "god damnit Lloyd Stop touching your Fucking Hair, Ya Petter!"
2) "Fuckin get out of my Fridge Petter"
3) "Petter, have that paper on my desk by 7:00 tonight or your ass is fired!!"
by Torrance Dodge July 1, 2005
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Aboriginal one: Oi brudda, ya comin down to the waterin' hole for a sniff o' petters?
Aboriginal two: Nah brudda, I juss drunk a pint o' paint.
by severedheadstoner September 20, 2006
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Going to the bathroom at an inappropriate moment.
-Where´s John?

-Oh, he´s gone doing a Petter.
by MyXboxIsBroken January 25, 2011
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A petter is a marvelous person with a fun personality. A petter can be defined to be a very talented person with a lot of speciality’s. Petter is also very popular and interesting. Everybody want to be with petter. Everybody loves a petter. Petteris very sexy and handsome and very good in bed.
Person 1: Omg hey! So I just met the most amazing guy last night. His name is Petter.
Person 2: Omg I love him!
Person 1: have you met him?
Person 2: no, I just already know I’m gonna love him.
by Elias 1234567890 November 12, 2019
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