From the looks of what was in their joint, they were definitely good puffin.
by Mr. Macintosh January 5, 2019
A great boyfriend who is very playful and strong but so cute and cuddly at the same time!
I love my puffin he's so puffiny!
by vixen2013 June 15, 2011
The biggest, baddest bitch you will ever encounter. Shes white too. And shes real.
Guy 1: dang bruh what are you doing rn
Guy 2: Just putting a leash on my bitch (Puffin) and taking her for a walk
Guy 1: goddamn dawg thats kinda hot
Guy 2: very pog!
by Shtegosaurus January 8, 2021
Girlfriend: I love you Puffin.
Boyfriend: I love you too Sweetie. *blushes*
by jessieminkley March 22, 2008
Atlantic Seabird/ A pet name that shows affection toward a friend or loved one. Typically the person is both attractive and smart just as a Puffin can both swim and fly. This pet name is better than any other similar to how a Puffin is better than any other bird.
"Hey, Puffin. You're looking dapper today!"
by Elli's Many Puffins December 14, 2011
Same as a muffin top, but rolling out from the arm hole of a fatties too tight tee shirt (pit muffin)
Dude, I think that chics puffin just dripped in my drink
by Follysfinest December 9, 2013