n. The pants/trousers/slacks in your wardrobe that you aim to diet into.
"They are nice pants, do you still wear them?" "no, i can't even fit one leg into them, they are my persistence pants"
by Wixon October 17, 2007
This method refers to the ability of otherwise unremarkable men to get beautiful women to do random, degrading, naked or otherwise spectacular things by asking them enough times that they lose the ability to say no.
"Why did those two girls walk out of Dan's bedroom?"

"Must have been the Dan Persistence Method"

"Why are there naked pictures of us being sent around our friends - we never get naked when we're drunk?"

"Must have been the Persistence Method"
by SPage September 6, 2013
The Persistence Fuck is a hunting technique in which men use a combination of running, walking, flirting, sexting, hand wandering, and tracking to pursue 'unavailable' women to the point of exhaustion and submission. The Persistence Fuck is thought to have been one of the earliest forms of sexual advances, having evolved 2 million years ago.
Despite having a boyfriend, Susie eventually fell victim to a persistence fuck by Matt, whom constantly texted her about her puss.
by Gdrw September 22, 2014
A world in a online roleplaying game where the events occur even when the player is not logged in.
Damn, Dark Century (See Definition) is the best Persistent World I've ever played on.
by   September 18, 2003
When a girl is born with their rectum, vagina, and urinary tract fuse together into a common channel.
Becky: Hey Samantha did you hear about Mary's messed up private area

Samantha: Yeah she has persistent cloaca
by Urbman October 5, 2015
a condition of genetic mutants, the state of almost 0% of Asian adults, 40% of adults worldwide, and under 50% of U.S. adults, ie., the European genetic mutation which allows the persistence of the childhood ability to digest milk and its products.
Unlike that fart-faced genetic mutant Sven, with lactose persistence, Hung Long and I don't drink milk anymore.
by Snarkster September 12, 2009