Matt H. A person who is very unwilling to fail
"Matt H., If I were to look up persistent in the dictionary I would find your name!"
by Matt Y. H January 16, 2008
A cousin Surfing urban dictionary all day instead of doing their homework and watching cholo adventures all day long
First cousin: hay what are you doing ?

Second cousin: you know ...PERSISTENCE!
by Pilataxi April 26, 2013
The intense festering desire to make others comply with expectations you have set out for them.
She was persistant in her effort to tame this wild stallion.

Tsprout is often persistant when dealing with Ev.
by Universalman177 August 25, 2020
The act of an individual whom talks about random, immature things such as farts, and puts them into rhythm. The person doesn't not stop singing about immature items until there is some consequence in his actions of his singing such as being muted by everyone in his Xbox party.
"Why wont Stephen stop singing about his farts smelling like dictionaries?"
"Its because he has immature persistence!"
"Alright I am muting him"
by AwesomeSawceMgeeFTW August 25, 2012
A trend which remains relevant for far too long, to the point of annoying those actual cool people who years ago, were aware of, and/or adopted the trend and now have abandoned it and consider it a lame ass relic. Examples include: nerdy glasses, Lady Gaga, hipster culture.
Yesterday at Bumbershoot I noticed a lot of beardos, I guess beard wearing wierdos continue to be persistently trelevant.
by highlytrelevantchic2010 September 14, 2010
Because "stalking" is such a harsh word...
1:I may have to get a restraining order..
1: Because he won't quit witb his persistent visitation while i am at work.
by RaininOnUrParade December 29, 2017