A.) a fruit
B.) a relly fat girl with the worst laugh on the planet. a complete snob who is very insecure. will only accept weird-os as her friendz and likes to hide behind a computer screen, pretending shes hot shit. she has a really werd acent
you: i just heard a banshee
me: no that was just persimmon
by Juicy SB November 11, 2011
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Persimmons like to do physics with cats and Libby. Some would say he is a sexy beast. Persimmons says it's too big, but in reality it is too small. Make sure he does not get perturbed. Don't you dare hurt him so! Before you get to know him, check his laundry... oops that shirt is dirty let's take that off. Also, be aware he loves weird smells.
Did you see that Persimmon?

Stay away or Libby will fight you!

Persimmons are wild men
by PhelineFeline May 20, 2018
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