origins lie within the medical world, an it basically means yer gooch, bifkin or whatever else you wanna call it. it is the area of flesh between yer giggleberry's and yer waste disposal hole. it hurts when pinched!
"phwoar, my perineum is covered in skanky warts, must have caught summit off harry the swine!"
by tommy-o January 10, 2005
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The area between the baby batterbag/sperm hq and the smell hole.
My perineum is the event of the milleneum.
by Capt. James T. Kirk September 27, 2004
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The area between the anus and the balls or cooch
My friends were arguing about the definition of chode, and perineum, so i decided to prove them wrong.
by yopMama November 12, 2018
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