The phenomenon that occurs with your cell phone when you hear it ring or feel it vibrates right before you receive a call.
Mike: "Holy hell!"

Pete: "What?"

Mike: "I felt my phone go off, then I got a call. It's like I have extra cellular perception!"
by Randy 440 January 29, 2008
The tendency to take your cell phone out of your pocket just as you are about to receive a text.
Hey, I don't have any mess-- Woah, I just got a text from Craig! I have textual sensory perception, man.
by Nuju September 15, 2010
When two people decide they want a cigarette at the same time.
How did you know I wanted a cigarette too? You must have Extra Cigarette Perception!
by WBB115PSU October 13, 2010
Extremely over-powered super natural ability that allows the user to kill anything in excistance by percieving the targets point/lines of death. These lines/points can be seen on the object/person the user is trying to kill. This ability is limited to what the user can percieve, as such the user cannot kill things or entities that can a: not be killed or b: cannot be percieved. If it has an end, it can be ended. There are so far only two users of this ability in the type-moon universe: Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryouga.
Mystic eyes of death perception
by neko_riddles April 16, 2009
Textra Sensory Perception--When you know that you get a text right before you do, or when you are get a text from the same person you had immediately before decided to text.
I have TSP: Textra Sensory Perception -- I KNEW that my gf was going to text me, and a half a second later, she did!
by Shiloticus2 November 1, 2011
perceptive vision ahah

When someone sees something that is not there, and when they point it out to their friends they are bullied for the next three months
Boy - Hey that cloud looks like a gun
Friend - hah he's got perceptive vision ahah
by Bincub July 11, 2017
The natural phenomenon wherein the solar rays run out of energy approximately 18 inches above the surface of the earth. This is the reason that one can be outdoors, obtain a sunburn on their face, torso and upper extremities whilst their legs remain paler than a sheet of copy paper.
Due to Solaris perceptous, I am forced to walk on my hands just so I can get some color on my legs.
by WerdzGui June 26, 2014