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1. Can be used for breaking news. Derived from the moto "Extra! Extra!" when selling newpapers with breaking stories yet a "textra" uses that same emphasis but over a text message in place of a newspaper.
2. An extra text used either while there is lag in the conversation or to keep in conversation going when it is decidedly over.
1. "ZOMG! I got a textra saying Katie and Daniel had SEX!!!"

2. It's been about 23 mintues since the last text and you're about fall asleep when this textra is sent: "So...What else is up? :/ "
by Robinson Maynes November 27, 2007
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Textrathe ability of being as extra as the rest of the whole state of Texas
The PCA's are so Textra,giving awards to the injured verses deserving
by HiddenIncubus November 11, 2019
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