girl with giant pepperoni sized nipples
dude that girl has some giant peps
by mr.diggy17 March 28, 2012
Pretty Enough for Porn. A girl who is not really beautiful, but is serviceable and has a knock out body, therefore making her suitable Porn Star material.
Jessica Simpson has big teeth, but she's PEP.

by boiler_92 June 20, 2006
PEP is medication that is used to help stop the infection and transmission of AIDS or HIV within a 72 hour window period of coming into contact with AIDS or HIV. See One night stands.

PEP is a month-long course of drugs that, if taken within 72 hours of the HIV virus entering the body, can prevent a person becoming infected with HIV. The PEP drugs are the same drugs that people who have the HIV virus use to reduce its impact on the body.

PEP is short for Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

Post = after

Exposure = a situation where HIV enters someone's body (eg: during unprotected fucking or by sharing needles etc)

Prophylaxis = treatment for disease
I was totally wasted and high on drugs the other night and had unprotected sex with a couple of guys from the club.

I better get down to the clinic and go on PEP just in case I caught The Big A (AIDS or HIV).

Better to be safe than sorry?
by The Moody Poet October 29, 2006
PEP is the acronym for Psychological Empowerment Process. I intend it to replace the word "placebo," which, while perhaps originally neutral, now has the connotation that there are people (patients) so dumb that they show physiological responses to a fake drug that the superior doctor knows does nothing. With PEP the skillful doctor's positive attitude empowers inherent healing processes in the patient, so the skillful doctor gives the patient PEP which is good for them, and characterizes both doctor and patient in a positive way.
My doctor was nice and friendly and I feel better already after the new PEP pills she prescribed for me.
by Galen the Younger September 15, 2010
A noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, conjunction, or preposition that is used as a substitution for another word in a sentence.

It is a fact that pep-pep is very contagious. Pep a pep-pep pep a pep-pep pep.
Hey Pep-Pep, lets pep to the pep-pep to pep a pep-pep.

Meaning: Hey Greg, lets go to the store to get a sandwich.
by Dan Hansberger September 13, 2009