To over do or "o.d." or to describe something that is beast
some guy jumped out an airplane with out a parachute. That's peeked!
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Used when something or someone is being totally NOT cool!
"Your car just broke down? Bro thats sooo peek!"

"Dude, turn the music back on. Your being so peek!"
by RallyTribe September 6, 2016
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1. s. a quick view, a glance.

2. v. To steal a glance at somebody.
1. he get a peek at this book and decided not to buy this one.

2. Tryin' to know what her husband's doin', she's peekin' at him right now.
by David Besson September 14, 2008
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to be extremely excited about something. or think it was awesome. or act of being excited. or to reach ejaculation.
"Dude, that game was so intense."
"Yea man, I almost peeked."

"I peeked when I aced the math test."

"That awesome dunk made me peek."

"I peeked on that girls chest."
by wallylando November 30, 2007
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A pedophile that only looks and does not touch.
Did you see him skeezin' all over that middle school girl? What a fucking peek, man.
by mypseudonymissued February 13, 2014
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When you've reached that great limit of drug intoxication and you feel absolutley great and you know you're having an awesome time.
"fuck im peeking like no tommorro"

"man you must be peeking?? haha wat did you take"
by roseanne1989 October 1, 2008
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