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Peeking is the act of looking at the social media profiles of an ex-friend, ex-lover, or ex-spouse simply from pointless nostalgia. Peeking is often unintentional because smartphones and apps frequently update from old data that is stored in some previously unknown cache. This, nonetheless, can make people feel weird because it sounds like their relationship is just old data. That's why people are less likely to give out their phone number, email address, or connect on Facebook because getting that info without trolling means that there is a relationship--however brief--and that person is no longer just a follower on Instagram.
Some people go peeking because they are unable to accept that people don't want to talk to them and would rather pick their wounds than to forget it.
by Rosebud1776 April 20, 2017
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When you've reached that great limit of drug intoxication and you feel absolutley great and you know you're having an awesome time.
"fuck im peeking like no tommorro"

"man you must be peeking?? haha wat did you take"
by roseanne1989 October 01, 2008
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