Phenomenon where, when photographed, a pedophile will always have a creepy, lopsided grin which screams "I molest children". Such pictures are in sharp contrast to those of normal people, who generally have a deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression, and conventional felons such as murderers, who always frown. Typical features of a a pedosmile include tight, discolored lips, visible tounge, concealed teeth, a cocked head, twisted facial features, a bald forehead, disheveled hair, and a general aura of faggotry. Used in conjunction with other indicators, the pedosmile is an excellent method of early pedophile identification.
I was going to help that man find his puppy in exchange for candy, but then I saw that he had a pedosmile.
by Eidako March 3, 2006
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The creepy look predators give in mug shots.
That dude on the news last night had such an obvious pedosmile, the authorities should have known at a glance!
by KinxD Lite January 28, 2009
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Creepy smile reminiscent of that of a pedophile. A la hunting children.
The playground is an inappropriate place for a pedosmile. Those helicopter moms are going to kick your ass.
by OAssBitches January 27, 2016
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a creepy smile that resembles one who is a pedophile
"that guy is really creeping me out, hes looking at me with the biggest pedosmile right now"
by peasgood May 12, 2009
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The creepy smile presented on the face of a pedophile.
Chris: Wendy you can't date that guy.
W: Why not?
C: Are you kidding me? The guy has a pedosmile!
by Chris Adamo August 8, 2007
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A smile without teeth referring to a pedophile's smile.
You look like a pedophile with your pedosmile.
by boblander1234 March 21, 2008
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A Pedosmile is an awkward and/or creepy smile portrayed on someones face. This can be either on a picture or seen in real life. A Pedosmile does not necessarily label someone a pedophile but just that they shouldn't smile because it can be taken that they are.
Hey Dan check out Robs "Pedosmile" in his picture, he looks down right creepy.
by Superdave22 November 10, 2010
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