To become pear shaped,or gain hips and an ass
damn, she useta be shaped like an iornin board now she done gone pear shaped.
by Toof Pic June 25, 2004
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An unfortunate occurrance common in middle aged wives in which their derriere grows disproportionately large wen compared to both their breasts and their shoulders.
Heck Max, your wife gone pear-shaped since y'all got married.
by Mike June 29, 2004
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A term used to describe the shape of one’s body, particularly a woman’s. One who possesses a pear-shaped-having ass will have wide, fatty hips, which gradually slopes inwards towards the top of the torso, hence “pear.” A pear-shaped-having ass body can also be resembled to that of a ‘truncus’ function in geometry.
“What in the pear-shaped-having ass?! That overly large woman has the physique of a plump pear!”
by gary69_ March 28, 2023
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Become overweight. Increased girth in stomach and butt areas. Lost any semblence of a decent figure.
"Dude, have you seen Miguel since he got that desk job? His ass has ex-pan-ded! He's gone pear-shaped!"
by thatgirl June 28, 2004
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" Man, she used to be hot, but since that Freshman 15, she's gone pear-shaped.
by Shle June 26, 2004
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An attempt by females to make a male feel ashamed of their bodies, and that they should all have a V shaped torso like something out of a magazine. Usually an attempt made by the same females who claim that it is the males who try to shame females about their bodies. Trying to make people ashamed of who they are instead of what they look like would be closer to impressive, if you're trying to give somebody else shit about something. Telling them they're an asshole, or a hypocrite, or a faggot, or something they already know about themselves isn't going to be shocking, stunning, or mindblowing. Neither is a story about abuse, since they've been heard so many times they've lost their stun/shock value.
The reality is there's a lot more pear shaped guys in the world than there are V shaped guys in the world, since reality is not like a magazine.
by Solid Mantis February 1, 2021
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Things have gone from good or great to horribly wrong.
I married a trophy wife with an hourglass figure, but now she's gone pear-shaped.
by ThePhyxr February 12, 2015
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