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A pristine and fragrant vagina that resembles a halved and pitted peach in its texture, taste and fragrance.
I sure likes me a spoon of peach cobbler after dinner.
by Gunt January 05, 2003
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When a man cream pies while the girl begins to urinate simultaneously. This creates a cloudy-yellow slurry that happens to resemble peach cobbler.
Guy: Hey since your on Birth Control can I give you the a cream pie?
Girl: How about we do something a little more kinky?
Guy: Like the Peach Cobbler?
by R cubed July 18, 2009
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Taking as many peach rings as possible, line your cock with them. Then have a girl give you a sloppy blowjob.
Curtis: Damn, Alyssa gave me this peach cobbler the other day and it was AMAZING!
by Curtis Smith III March 10, 2011
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When an older (+50) southern belle exposes her recently shorn crotch area to a crowd
Dancing in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit she slapped her thigh and raised her skirt beckoning onlookers to view her peach cobbler...expecting a tip for the show
by Turk23 November 07, 2006
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A sexual position in which a man sits on a woman's face and she licks his asshole while he vigorously titty bangs her.
"Dude, I was banging this chick last night, and she gave me a peach cobbler... and not the delicious baked treat!"
by Covey G November 10, 2007
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When a woman is giving a man a Blow Job, and she swallows too much jizz and throws up on the man's junk, causing him to throw up as well.
Drake: She was giving me head, and it was all going good till she turned it into a Peach Cobbler!

Everyone Else: Why the hell did you tell me this?
by Coach Hines March 25, 2008
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A phrase used to substitute phrase "sucking dick, or dick". In which a member of a conversation does not hear you insert the phrase "suck dick" or "dick" into a sentence.
The origin...
Asian kid 1:"OMG have you tried strawberry rhubarb pie it's so good!"
White boy 1: "Have you tried sucking dick? I heard it makes you stfu."
Innocent bystander:"I'm sorry sir, I am flustered. Do you know when you thought you heard something but, know it's not right? I thought i heard a you say "suck dick" but, I know you said "Peach cobbler".
Asian kid and White boy:...:? (lol)
by youknowfosho February 07, 2008
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