A pristine and fragrant vagina that resembles a halved and pitted peach in its texture, taste and fragrance.
I sure likes me a spoon of peach cobbler after dinner.
by Gunt January 6, 2003
A sexual position in which a man sits on a woman's face and she licks his asshole while he vigorously titty bangs her.
"Dude, I was banging this chick last night, and she gave me a peach cobbler... and not the delicious baked treat!"
by Covey G November 11, 2007
When a man cream pies while the girl begins to urinate simultaneously. This creates a cloudy-yellow slurry that happens to resemble peach cobbler.
Guy: Hey since your on Birth Control can I give you the a cream pie?
Girl: How about we do something a little more kinky?
Guy: Like the Peach Cobbler?
by R cubed July 19, 2009
Taking as many peach rings as possible, line your cock with them. Then have a girl give you a sloppy blowjob.
Curtis: Damn, Alyssa gave me this peach cobbler the other day and it was AMAZING!
by Curtis Smith III March 10, 2011
When an older (+50) southern belle exposes her recently shorn crotch area to a crowd
Dancing in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit she slapped her thigh and raised her skirt beckoning onlookers to view her peach cobbler...expecting a tip for the show
by Turk23 November 7, 2006
When you are boning a girl from behind, you pull out a frying pan and slam it down on the back of her head, like Peach does in Super Smash Bros. Can also be done with an Umbrella or any of her other weapons.
-"Dude, I gave my girl The Peach Cobbler last night!"
--"Sweet man, now you can skull fuck the back of her head!"
by DamianSolari December 7, 2008
A phrase used to substitute phrase "sucking dick, or dick". In which a member of a conversation does not hear you insert the phrase "suck dick" or "dick" into a sentence.
The origin...
Asian kid 1:"OMG have you tried strawberry rhubarb pie it's so good!"
White boy 1: "Have you tried sucking dick? I heard it makes you stfu."
Innocent bystander:"I'm sorry sir, I am flustered. Do you know when you thought you heard something but, know it's not right? I thought i heard a you say "suck dick" but, I know you said "Peach cobbler".
Asian kid and White boy:...:? (lol)
by youknowfosho February 8, 2008