To associate an action with an unrelated stimulus.
Its not the word "moog" that does it, its the act that followed that is pavloved in my head.
by indie design February 29, 2008
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1. To become the victim of routine so much so as to become brain washed and maintain the same habits despite a change in one's environment.

2. To be trained to do something that doesn't make sense akin to being hypnotized.
1. Every morning I drive down to the corner of Park and Main only to stare find a vacant building. Man ever since they moved that Dunkin' Donuts I've just been pavloved.

2. Jim: Every day when Dwight logs out of his computer I've offered him a mint so today I didn't.

Dwight logs out and we hear the Windows log out sound. Dwight holds out his hand.

Jim: Why are you holding out your hand?

Dwight: I don't know...and my mouth tastes really bad and not minty.
by Jabathenut March 19, 2010
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In basketball, to drive to the hoop when one can only shoot three pointers. In honor of NBA player and Cleveland Cavalier Sasha Pavlovic.
He tried to drive to the lane in traffic, but instead he pulled off a pavlovic and got called for a charging foul.
by Junpei July 28, 2007
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To become addicted to click and swipe reward reinforcement on social media
The quip went viral, leaving the anonymous poster fully Pavloved, after which he spent even more time on the social media site each day, completely hooked on the virtual attention, looking for more.
by ka the wordsmythe April 16, 2020
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one stinky corgi boi. the type to eat ur underwear and refuse to look u in the eye after.
Pavlov the Corgi thinks he’s a god but deep down inside he’s really just Pavlov
by PavlovTheCorgi January 31, 2020
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When someone is a pro at life and knows if they have any comedic value based on which of the 2 genders they ate
Sup my g Pavlov
by Almighty Pavlov March 19, 2020
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An erection that occurs every time you are exposed to a certain, seemingly unrelated stimulus.

For instance, getting an erection every time you see a hot chick is not a pavlov's dong, but getting an erection every time you see a trumpet would be.

Pavlov's dong is usually caused by association. If you had this really hot girlfriend who loved donuts and she broke up with you, the association of your old girlfriend is what would cause a pavlov's dong with donuts.
"Dude, you're in a room full of guys and you just got a boner."
"No homo man, it's just a pavlov's dong."
by HelioSeven February 9, 2010
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