I don't always wear pants, but when I do, I wear my red corduroy party pants.
-Most Interesting Man In The World
by The Mo$t Int€r€$ting Man! October 17, 2011
my bestest friend who usually is having a party in his pants... and youre invited!
mr party pants is inviting you to his next party!
by jess-to-the-ica May 20, 2008
Usualy a pair of pants or shorts that are plaid.
Here comes Bryan with his party pants!
by Resident2 August 9, 2006
Pants that have holes in them due to the immense partying they've been through.
You're wearing your party pants
by OGstatus April 7, 2009
A pair of comfy pants that have some give when you drink and eat to much at parties, they will also have some stretch so they will not rip if you dance the night away or fall down drunk.
its going to be a great party tonight, dont forget to wear your party pants
by red_roses2011 December 23, 2011
The place where the party is. Always. Kinda like giant clown pants that you have to hold out in front and scoop people up in. Teachers, Dog Ramblers, Fools, all are welcome in the party pants.
Dude 1:Dude! I just nabbed Mr.Gilette in my Metaphorical Party Pants!
Dude 2:*Scoop* Yeah! Just got three hot chicks and a rambler in mine!
Dude 1: Damn it.
by Rainbow Guy December 8, 2008
"Party in Pant" is an experimental comedy band that was formed by two idiotic friends on January 11th, 2020. Their "songs" consist of toilet humor, dark humor/dirty humor, and ironic titles and music all for comedic effect. The band's members are "Caveman," "Not Caveman," and the newest member "Crusader" (They all go by nicknames). Caveman is the lead vocalist who often coughs, moans, or rambles into the microphone. Not Caveman is the guitarist, background vocalist, keyboardist, and occasional drummer (basically he does most of the music shit) and Crusader is the main drummer but they all occasionally switch instuments for no reason.
"Did you hear the new Party in Pant song?"

"Yeah! It was...something...else."
by CheerioGuy March 17, 2020