A pair of comfy pants that have some give when you drink and eat to much at parties, they will also have some stretch so they will not rip if you dance the night away or fall down drunk.
its going to be a great party tonight, dont forget to wear your party pants
by red_roses2011 December 23, 2011
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A man or woman who refuses to be constrained in the confines of any kind of lower body apparel after a few too many drinks.
Man, Ethan just funnelled 5 beers!
Ya! he's got his partypants on!
by the original ethan April 11, 2011
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Party Pants is slang for a pair of pants that look rather on the homo-sexual side.
When Ian Peck wore his Party pants. I almost fuckin barfed.
by CountChocula April 10, 2005
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Not to be confused with party pooper:

Noun. Someone who is miserable and a spoilsport, consequently putting a damper on the pleasures of others.
Peter, that partypants, he really was a party pooper at the last team meeting.
by shazzamuk August 10, 2006
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