When you fart and poop at the same time; same as sharting, but PG rated and more relevant due to "parting" your cheeks with more than just gas.
I tried to relieve bloating pressure by farting and parted instead, so I ran red-faced and clenching my butt cheeks all the way to the bathroom while my blind date raced for the exit.
by new2UD December 17, 2011
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A precursor to the hard on, a cousin of the half schaff, and little brother to the half wood, a sudden rush of blood to the penis resulting from visual or aural stimuli, whether sexual or otherwise. Usually felt and identified when the male member first comes into contact with the fabric of the pants; often concealable with proper use of misdirection and hand gestures.
Bro: Dude, when your mom called my name to get my attention the other day, the sound of her voice made me pop a part on. I had to keep scratching my nose so she wouldn't notice the extra weight in my package.

Bro's bro: Dude, you're a douche.
by learntoswim August 27, 2009
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Guy 1: "How you holdin up after that break up man?"

Guy 2: "Terrible...she broke my part. I won't get hard for anyone for months."
by Ad Hominem February 12, 2016
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MAN: Hey lady!
WOMAN: Hi...?
MAN: So wanna head back to my place?
WOMAN: No thank you.
MAN: It was not an invitation it was an instruction.
WOMAN: What part of no don't you understand?!
COP walks up to her.
COP: Is there a problem here?
MAN: Eh, no... Not at all.
MAN runs away.
COP: Excuse me miss, did he touch you in your no no parts?
WOMAN: Um.. what..?
COP: That douchetard!
by Miss. AnonymousPuns September 29, 2017
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When you get drunk then puke and fart at the same time.
I was huging the toilet and parted over and over.
by Jon Morgan March 28, 2007
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When you push a fart out and pee comes out with it.

Story example: I tried to let out a huge fart on my friends face while he was sleeping, on my final push it came out, along with a huge stream of piss. When he woke up, I told him, another friend in the room parted on him. He got pissed and beat him up, later he found out it was me and beat me up too. So in other words, dont try to fart in your friends face or it might turn into a part and you'll end up getting your ass kicked.
Me: Yo I totally parted in ----'s face last night. The next morning he kicked my ass good.

Other guy: Oh man dude thats hilarious!
by shark1669 August 15, 2011
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Many might not know, but "No Parts" is "Strap on" spelt backwards! Mind blow, ay?
Porn Star One: "Seeing as I have no parts, I'll use a strap on!"
by Ogran January 6, 2010
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