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An insulting term for someone who is simultaneously a "douche"
(i.e., an asshole, jerk, jackass) and a "retard." Expresses both unpleasantness of personality AND stupidity at once.
That asshole is too dumb to even come up with a coherent insult. What a douchetard.
by Mr. X April 04, 2005
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A way to describe someone currently acting like a douche in an attempt to get them to rethink the actions they have taken in their life.
Habid, why are you being such a douchetard to the kind lovely and sweet lady who shows you nothing but love and affection?
by jossthegreat December 17, 2013
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Any individual that makes a statement that is so obnoxious that you can't decide between calling them a douche bag or a retard, so you call them a douche tard.
You're fat and it's kind of funny.

You're a douche tard. I'm skinnier than you.
by BigTimeDoucheTard January 10, 2010
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Any person unfortunately possessing characteristics of both a complete idiot and an asshole. They typically have no brain and or common sense and tend to get on people's bad sides with their impeccable stupidity.
"Last night at the bar Kevin was being SUCH a douche-tard"
by natedog2010 July 05, 2009
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A person with the combined characteristics of a douchebag and a retard.
"Douchebag + Retard = Douchetard"

"Dude quit being a douchetard and lemme borrow your car."

"Douchetard + Asswipe = Bush"
by JizzmasterJohn January 28, 2010
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a compound word consisting of the parts: douche and tard (condensed version of retard)
Our substitute teacher spent 10 minutes trying to pronounce the word "sedimentary". What an illiterate douche-tard.
by Elliott Webb November 22, 2004
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