A way to describe someone currently acting like a douche in an attempt to get them to rethink the actions they have taken in their life.
Habid, why are you being such a douchetard to the kind lovely and sweet lady who shows you nothing but love and affection?
by jossthegreat December 18, 2013
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An insulting term for someone who is simultaneously a "douche"
(i.e., an asshole, jerk, jackass) and a "retard." Expresses both unpleasantness of personality AND stupidity at once.
That asshole is too dumb to even come up with a coherent insult. What a douchetard.
by Mr. X April 4, 2005
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A person with the combined characteristics of a douchebag and a retard.
"Douchebag + Retard = Douchetard"

"Dude quit being a douchetard and lemme borrow your car."

"Douchetard + Asswipe = Bush"
by JizzmasterJohn January 28, 2010
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Basically a mix of a douche and a retard, also known as Kendall Parkens.
Ainsley: Kendall Parkens is such a douchetard
by Kendallsdaddy October 20, 2017
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One who is stupid or blinded by their arrogance; One that knows nothing.
"Aaron thinks he's better than me at drumset! What a DOUCHETARD!!
by Post-Toastee September 2, 2003
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a simple amallgamation of douche and a tard. usualy one asscociated with the US supreme court, or the US government and its officials
oh wow... george bush is SUCh a douchetard...
by Zerstörung February 21, 2008
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An annoying perv who sneaks up behind you on the dance floor and, under the guise of "dancing", grinds his nasty dick against your ass.
That stupid douchetard wouldn't leave me alone, so I backhanded him across the nuts.
by A Plus February 28, 2007
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