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A term used by Rhett and Link from “Good Mythical Morning” to figure out if a food works in a form it’s usually not in.
Today we answer the age old question... will it pizza?
by Emilyyydudeee June 05, 2019
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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
by allygator February 07, 2015
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Minuet piece of toilet tissue or fabric fluff from underpants that has dried, hardened and adhered to pubic hair around the anus.
I was in the shower the other morning and you won’t believe the amount of willits I picked out of my arse!
by bennybumflaps January 19, 2007
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When you want something pretty bad but can't get it you have to "will it"
Guy 1: I want that gal to go out with me!
Guy 2: Just make it happen.
Guy 1: I am trying nothing seems to be working.
Guy 2: If you want it you are going to have to "will it"

Guy 1: Yeah, what was I thinking.
by Eric Kacktastic February 07, 2011
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Willits is a shit town in NorCal where everyone is either a stupid Puritan hippie or a stoner who was neglected as a kid and thusly uses that to justify their mindlessly fake-deep actions. Willits is also the home to the world’s dumbest lumber jack statue. Everybody knows all the words to Hotel California there, but none of them know what it means. Also the cancer rate is like 10x average cause PepsiCo ruined the water supply.
Person 1: “Yeah I grew up in Willits”
Person 2: “Oh I had a cousin from there he’s a hardcore addict now who runs a blog about heavy metal.”
Person 3: “Yeah that’s a pretty shit town. Everybody dates their cousins in law at some point cause nobody’s mom can seem to stay married for long”
by Nerium—Oleander September 02, 2019
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