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The crappiest high school ever. Located in Parsippany, New Jersey alongside lake hiawatha. This high school is full of pot heads, crackheads, cocksuckers,sluts, INDIANS, and stupid gullible hall monitors known as double O and Miss B. This school is very cheap and cannot afford actual heating, even though there are large heaters in every classroom, they always blow out cold air in the winter. The ceilings all leak even when it doesn't rain, and today one fell upon Jakearchambault. Our school has the cutest mice ever that run through the hallways. Save The Elephants!!! Cock
"Heyy! how was school today?"
"School way gay."
"chyeah bro, lets stick a pencil in the ceiling."
"then later we can go to the path and get high!"
"word. Bro."
"I love going to Parsippany high school."
by Mike Gatto April 29, 2008
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A school where you can curse at a teacher, disrespect any one in the building, or do practically anything that shouldn't be allowed and your punishment will be spending the period in the office, if anything at all. However, you can get I.S.S. for breathing to heavy or not bringing a textbook to class. It is full of minorities (Mostly Indians) and Wiggers. Only 30% of students don't abuse a drug, and thats not including alcohol. The lunch ladies scream and beat each other, and teachers constantly threaten each other. Our vala dictorian is going to Georgetown. yes, Georgetown.
Wigger: You bro u got the dope?
Teacher: I heard that...
Wigger: Fuck off, Miss Bitch
Taacher: OK, as you were.
Indian: I love Parsippany High School, I get A with curry in my eyes!
by normalwhitekid May 23, 2013
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