What the beloved "Queen Mum", (The Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon), who was Queen Elizabeth's mother, called black people.
"Nig nogs can't run their own nations. It's simply an impossiblity."
by Nancy I. May 03, 2007
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extremely large lips referring to the lips of a black person
god youve got some nig nogs on you girl.
by lornita March 01, 2008
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Being Nig nogged is the same as using such slang terms as fucked, dicked over, or shafted. The only difference is when you are getting nig nogged a black person tends to cause what ever fucked you over.
While i visiting a local niggerville i parked my car and went off in search of the niglets who stole my sons bike i returned to see that my car had been nig nogged and was sitting on blocks
by Admiral Nig Nog July 29, 2009
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This phrase has absolutely _no_ racial dimension, despite appearances. It is a Northern British (e.g. Yorkshire) term referring to a silly person. It does not derive from nigger and should not be considered racist at all.
Tha cawn't even spell thi own name -th'art a bluddy nig nog
by Christopher P. Martin April 09, 2006
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nig nog is a seasonal beverage that consists of 2 parts egg nog, and 3 parts schlitz malt liquor.
"damn nickel, your breath smell like nig nog!"
by mat November 14, 2004
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The new holiday beverage sweeping ghettos across the nation. Also comes pre-mixed with malt liquor.
Nig Nog! It's nog for your nigs dawg!
by fBuUcTkLiEnRg November 21, 2009
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A mixture of eggnog and coedine, a favorite in the black community around the holidays
Yo Jamal, pass me the nig-nog
by Joey bats December 23, 2013
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