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Someone extremely sexy. Of icelandic origin. Can also mean someone who has no other quality than being sexy.
,,Damn that girl is vala"
,,Oh god, she's such a slut. Totally vala."
by meowzaaa April 04, 2010
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Welsh name, that means chosen
the first name of my Welsh Corgi Cardigan:
Welsclans Vala Vãclav
by Lammert September 03, 2006
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an extream syndrome of dangerous prograhming,that is so hypothetical high that you can not even use the word virus or piricy..hell not even privacy...
I've the exact vala plan that can end the universe maybe even the enternet said mike
ahh really!!!!!! said davenport
by regardless devon victory January 24, 2009
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1. A term in Asatru. "Seeress". Whether a practitioner of Galdr or Seid, this term designates a female diviner.

2. A character in Stargate SG-1. Vala Mal Doran is a theif, con-artist and recently a memeber of SG-1. She is played by Claudia Black.
1. Raven is a vala, she practices seid.

2. Vala gave birth to Adria who is an Ori in the flesh and is hellbent on converting everyone over to Origin (or killing them).
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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An incredible human being,Better than varna. She is beautiful and her personality is adored by many.
Who is that fine thang?

Its vala.
by hbaefiphb r December 12, 2016
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The incorrect usage of the French word voila vwäˈlä, which translates to, "There it is" or "There you are." Voila is synonymous with presto, ta-da, look. More traditionally misspelled "wala."

Traditionally used by ignorant, untraveled American autists whose foreign language capacity is relegated to "taco" and "French fries."
"I did the same thing on my first ar purchase I wanted a longer hand guard so I cut it and painted it with some high heat paint and vala"
by Jeremi Hanlon December 09, 2018
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An incredibly terrible video game player.

In MMORPG, a valas is known to totally suck at all aspects of the game, being nothing more than an obnoxious voice over ventrilo who simply wastes loot due to his or her inability to contribute meaningfully in any way. Using WoW as a basis for comparison--- In PvP, a valas would be known to do things like polymorph then fireblast the target right afterward but not before the target's lifebar is restored. The valas then typically spams "STOP ATTACKING MY SHEEP" into /yell to try and deflect culpability to the other moron pugs from servers like Kil'Jaeden and Proudmoore.

In FPS type games, a valas is typically found laying prone inside a small enclosed space trying to use a rocket propelled explosive (from the prone position mind you) to kill an enemy player who is within melee range. A valas is also known to use the sniper rifle at close range while shooting from the hip. A grenade thrown by the valas is more likely to kill the valas than an enemy.
"Man, we sure did rape that team. Seems like they went to the homeless valas shelter and recruited some real valases to play on their team."

"Look at this fucking valas---noob wasted his iceblock to get rid of my curse which he could have just dispelled!"

"Good thing we disabled friendly fire this round, otherwise that valas over there would really be fouling things up!"
by RoffleCopter4200 November 03, 2009
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