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A mixed alcoholic drink, consisting of orange juice (preferably Sunny D), cheap vodka, a shot of Mojito, a shot of Patron, as much Captain Morgan as you please, salt, pepper, and jalapeno juice-soaked carrots (typically found at very authentic Mexican restaurants). The ratios can be whatever you like, but the orange juice is usually at least half. That is, unless you're really looking to get obliterated. Named after the creator of said drink, who shall remain anonymous in this definition.
The only thing a prescription of Dr. G's will cure is sobriety.
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Doo Doo Related Ghost:

A supernatural phenomenon where a ghost is created directly or indirectly from "Doo Doo" (aka feces, a deuce, poop). The only powers a DRG has in the physical world is to slap people in the face, with or without its stench.
Big Black:
"Thats all doo doo related, thats a DRG, a Doo Doo Related ghost"
by David Skeet Jr. May 26, 2008
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Someone who blazes a lot of weed, and is notorious for it. blazer stoner pothead stoner
Regular Weed dealer: "Bangers is dr g"
Weed customer: "Aite den y'head's saggy!"
by XerxesIsHisCharade October 04, 2008
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Cult phenomenon in midwales. Mainly the Powys region.

To DRG, DRGable; to complete a task with particular energy and incomparable skill, usualy in a legendry fashion.

DRGing; to describe a particular striking feature or activity.
Hiker: I'm going to DRG this hill!!!!!!!

Student 1: God that test was hard...
Student 2: please! I DRGed that test! good grades 5!!!!

Dude 1: That's a pretty DRGing car you got there....
Dude 2: Cheers. I had it pimped to do cross-country driving.

Xcountry runner 1: That is a pretty DRGing course... this is going to be hard.
Xcountry runner 2: That course is unDRGable!! I'm going to die....
Xcountry runner 1: Nothing is unDRGable. We can do it my friend!!!
by Dyslexic-chyc April 08, 2011
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(1) / noun / The essence of pure manly willpower expressed in all it's robotly goodness

(2) / verb / The action of completing an action completely pedantically, so that it is faultless to 5 significant figures

(3) / prop. noun / Legendary Chemistry teacher in CCB
(1) "Hey, check out that absolute DRG !"
"What the duck is he doing??"
"The robot..."
(2) "Hey, I was walking up the stairs today, and I DRGed it, managed to keep a perfect rhythm all the way up!!"
"I just DRGed that Titration!! Added the Acid drop by drop from the Burette!" "Was it a Lewis acid?"
"OMG Danter!!( DRG Banter)"
(3) "Sir, I haven't done my prep...again"
"Idle Peasant...that's the 5th time this year, and the 98th time in all the 10 and a half terms I have taught you, giving you an average of 9.33333* preps missed per term!!!!"
"That's not too bad"
"Hit him..."
by faceman56334 May 05, 2011
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