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"Whaddafah" as in "What the fuck?" said rather quickly and in a hurry. This was coined after a year of living in student accomodation, with many shocking things going on.
TeKK: Oh my god this char is so kawaiiii!
Stanto: Whaddafah!?!
TeKK: This game character, looks cute... dude.
Stanto: Err, okay.
by StANTo August 7, 2004
Another word for 'eggs' - usually referring to the poultry variety intended on eating.

A 'cute' term for eggs
Boy: What do you want for lunch?
Girl: Eggles and toast!
Boy: I love you, egg!
by StANTo September 2, 2009
n: One who studies computing, from programming to multimedia and gaming.

other: Hardcore 'Computist' (Computist Magazine) allowed Apple II users to make legitimate backup copies of software.
David Harrison: "From this day forth, all you students will be known as this little word I invented, computist. Archaeologists have their words, as do many others. It's not fair that we're left out!"
Students: "Whatever Dave, get on with the lecture!"
by StANTo April 6, 2006
Similar to a backseat driver or a backseat gamer.

One who perhaps is partaking in a beta of a computer game or piece of software and tries to advise the software development team on how the software should be written or repaired.

Basically an 'end user' who is not part of the company but has been asked for an opinion or recommendation about the software but then tries to go too far and gives advice on more than he was asked for.
Admin: "Sorry guys but we're working on a fix for the multiplayer problems, there'll be a server reset in 30 minutes"
User: "What was the problem? Did they forget to open the ports? Did they have to update the firmware? Was it a malloc() issue? Did they forget to re-route it via the proxy? Did they forget a header file? Did they integrate the right settings for UDP traffic?"
Admin: "Please, we don't need any backseat coders :) just wait like everyone else"
User: "Aww, I was only interested"
by StANTo April 25, 2006
1. deliberately mischievous or non-malicious modification of property: fandalism of public buildings. With intent of showing appreciation of said property.
2. the conduct or spirit characteristic of the fandals.
3. willful or ignorant alteration of artistic or literary treasures with view for appreciation or correction.
4. a fandalic act.
Person 1: Who's wrote on our sign!?
Person 2: Must be a fan, look at it
Person 1: "We love you.." but they're wrote all over it! it looks a mess!
Person 2: Aww, bless. Such fandalism.
by StANTo February 26, 2008
A parmesan, otherwise knows as a parmo. Is a flattened piece of meat, whether it be chicken breast, pork, or in some cases beef; coated in a white starchy-like sauce; coated with cheese (often parmesan or chedder cheese) a 'parmo' or 'parmesan' is not to be mistaken with the disgusting parmesan cheese).

Sometimes there are variations, such as different cheeses, or the addition of bolognese on top of the aforementioned meats (along with the cheese). They are often sold as 'half' or 'full' depending on whether or not you want a whole chicken's worth of meat (usually a measure of two flattened chicken breasts).

This type of meal is a North Eastern dish, found in England and not limited to (but common in) Middlesbrough, but also found in neighbouring towns and cities alike and is favoured by many. The chance is great that you will not find it in central Newcastle or London.

It is often served with chips and/or salad with further toppings of; salad cream, garlic, chilli or barbeque sauce. Depending on your preference. The price can vary from as little as £4.00 up to £7.00
Person: "I would like a parmesan please my good man"
Takeaway Merchant: "Certainly sir, half or full?"
Person: "Half please, I can't manage a full one right now, chicken with three cheeses"
Takeaway Merchant: "Certainly sir, please take a seat."
Person: "Thank you kindly"
by StANTo January 3, 2006
Eating pieces of dead (or small cut off living) skin from your feet (and sometimes your hand)
Person 1: Dude, what're you doing?
Person 2: Just enjoying some footsnacks, om nom nom
Person 1: Gross
by StANTo September 16, 2009