Possibly the best movie ever made, ever. Written, directed, produced, and starred in by the same guy, The Room teaches us all valuable life lessons about sex, love, fidelity, and looking sexy in red dresses.
The Room is set in San Francisco.

Johnny: Hi babe.
Lisa: Hi Johnny.
Johnny: I bought you a sexy red dress.
Lisa: It's beautiful.
Johnny: Anything for my princess!
by learnspanishin10days July 6, 2010
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The best worst movie ever made staring Tommy Wiseau as Johnny. The acting in this movie is so good that it makes the sight of Stephen King’s dick look pleasant. The story is so well put together that it makes it look like a four year old autistic kid wrote it. The sex scenes are so sexy and hot it makes the desert look wet. This movie was probably responsible for Napoleon Dynamite tho, but this movie tried to be an actual drama thriller and Napoleon Dynamite was a comedy. I honestly get a few good kicks out of this movie.
The Room is the best worst movie ever made.
by Notgninneb Retsehc September 17, 2020
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The Room is when you are on the brink of insanity, and you will do anything to get out of it.
I was about to enter The Room when I decided to go surf the internet.
by Kira7S April 1, 2010
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Church basements and community centers where alcoholics anonymous and other 12 step programs are held. These sessions have an undertone of secrecy. Drugsaddictionsexsteps
"I know we've met somewhere. Did you go to State?"
"No, i've seen you in the rooms. I go to St Luke's on Sundays."
by Cantthinkaaname April 5, 2019
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The best movie ever! Go watch it! (PewDiePie approves)
“The room is good movie
by boi’isnt’homo July 19, 2019
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The person you room with. A form of "roomie" but a lot more thug.
I'm going to go uptown with my rooms and tear ish up.
by J S dot money December 13, 2005
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