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Same meaning as aishah.
A woman who holds ultimate control over all men.

She can make them fall to their knees and beg for her with just the slightest show of affection.

A master puppeteer and can play with peoples emotions very easily, often pulling on their heart strings.

Aishah often makes other women jealous of her looks and charm, and the control which she holds over most men.

Sometimes finds it hard to control her emotions, often feeling bursts of anger or sadness, yet only tells the ones closest to her heart how she is feeling.

Very intellectual and a deep thinker, always speaks her mind no matter what the consequences.

Knows right from wrong, very independent.

Sexy as hell.

A kind,beautiful lady with a big heart.
A very secretive girl, where she only will share her problems or secrets to someone that really closed and near to her heart.
Always care about others feelings, which make her have no time either to care or think about her own feelings even there are many scars have leaved deeply inside her heart. She kinda happy go lucky girl. Always think positive rather than negative. And always have good expectations towards what had happen,because she's whose strongly believed that anything happens with a reasons.

Such a strong,deternined,patient and tough woman. Nothing can stop her or drag her down. Always dream high and love fantasy!
"Damn!Look!who's that girl over there?Do you think i'd stand a chance with her?"
"Dude!That's aisah,she's got the whole world chasing after her."
"Good luck trying"

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by Jennaa666 January 01, 2017
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