A girl with the name Park, is unique, and smart. She has a kind heart, and knows right from wrong. She has a great personality. Beautiful, and wonderful. Any guy that would hurt her, or cheat on her, are really missing out, on an amazing girl! She's faithful to her significant other. She has a lot of friends, and loves to have fun! She has guy and girl friends too. She has a beautiful complexion. She's not a whore, and she won't screw you, unless you love her, and she loves you, when she's married to you. She'll probably like it rough too! She will want to put make up on her guy friends, or significant other. She's funny, and she hates cleaning!
Park is A great person beautiful smart kind
by LickMyAwesomesauces April 11, 2012
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To spend the night at your bf/gf or hook-up's home. Stems from the fact that you need to park the car overnight.
Amy: "You didn't ask him to park did you?!"
Anna: "Sure I did, he's a babe!"
by Kristina5979 May 21, 2008
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a nerdy geek who gets horny from violently pushing buttons on his calculator

"greetings. would you like to see my calc collection?"
"I'm pushin up my buttons baby uh huunn"
by mrwabanachi September 26, 2009
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A shaggy looking fucker that only wears wool socks. Has sweaty feet raunchy farts and the best connect. When lending him something remember to clarify the amount of "o" s in zoots. Also he has no emotion.
Damn parks said that zoot had 5 O's in it. But he won't stop farting and meet his connect.
by Jack Moonstar September 24, 2019
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