A person in the popular show stranger things on Netflix she has the power of telekinesis and was stored in a lab since birth she is played by Millie Bobby Brown (011 also likes eggos)
by K1NGS4V4G3 December 7, 2017
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011 or “eleven” is a character in stranger things the has super powers
Person 1: Who is your favorite character in stranger things?

Person 2: My favorite is 011
by Will.byers.UwU January 7, 2021
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Why can’t you just answer a question?
Some days you make me batty!
011; still love you, but shit would be a lot easier if we worked together
by 4-621 October 12, 2022
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The alias of a apparent goddess in their eyes but a fucking bitchy, annoying, terrible actor in stranger things resenters.
Oh bish I swear I hate that fucker 011 amirite Quinyano
by Baa aann October 24, 2017
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