your job; the place where you make your money
"Where you goin so early?"
"My paper route, son."

"Why don't you ever go out anymore?"
"Man, I got fired from my paper route."
by mattacoustic316 April 12, 2008
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Paper Route is an American Indie rock band from Nashville, Tennessee formed in 2004. paper route has toured with Paramore, Phantom Planet, and Jack's Mannequin. They have also toured with Copeland, Passion Pit, and She Wants Revenge.and currently touring with Owl City and Lights.

paper route is an amazing band.
Paper Route is composed of Chad Howat (bass, piano, programming), J.T. Daly (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Andy Smith (vocals, guitars, harmonica), and Gavin McDonald (drums).

also check out now,now every children they are from the same area and also ROCK!
by AlExSwOrD April 16, 2010
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1. The hair pattern of a black person with exceptionally kinky or nappy hair where the scalp shows between the tight curls of hair. The exposed scalp is the paper route.
"Man, dude got a paper route!" Dan exclaimed as he watched a vintage Yaphet Koto movie.

'Dude got a paper route, kitchen, beedie bee's, peas AND buckshots" Bill said as everybody laughed hysterically.
by Chambana July 8, 2012
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1. the back door or anus, ass
2. the area one wipes with toilet paper

SEE ALSO Papergirl
I stuck my cock in her paper route and man was it fly
by paper May 13, 2004
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when life doesn’t go according to plan ; a tough go at it ;lacking happiness

Other forms:
1) Wildly in love with soulmate so much that they are willing to give space in order for happy ending

2) wishing that they had a time machine

3) doesn’t like vegetables
Man ,that kid had a tough paper route .
by Kenn_Verdé March 21, 2019
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A New Jersey Paper Route occurs when an intoxicated person proceeds to vomit and/or defecate on his neighbors' front porches and/or driveways while attempting to walk back to his/her house.
After a night of heavy drinking and pounding techno music, Salvatore made the mistake of stopping by Tony's Diner for a meatball sub. The greasy meal combined with his already drunken state caused him to vomit on one neighbor's driveway, and have a violent bowel movement on another neighbor's front porch. When he finally made it to his front door, Salvatore could only grimace at the repurcussions his New Jersey Paper Route would usher in the following day.
by Poor Woobie March 11, 2008
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