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Commonly referred to as “PRE” is the record group with the main members being Young Dolph and Key Glock. Glock still remains in the group, saying he will “ride till he die”. Dolphs involvement with the group came to an abrupt end in 2021 when he was shot getting cookies for his son. Young Dolph was a lyrically gifted genius. In some ways he can be compared to the great works of Mozart and Merle haggard. One of his most inspirational quotes was “don’t play with me play with yo bitch”. Key Glock still remains an active member in the group. In famous words of key Glock “money over bitches”. According to Glock Paper Route Business is all about getting money.
Paper Route Empire it don’t concern you lil nigga
by Rambo1782 January 4, 2023
A name given to a Toyota Tundra driven by famous country boy Mr. Speer. The Redneck Chariot has been known to kick up some dirt while also carrying it’s fair share of the ladies. Speer quotes the truck as being “indestructible” and “A lady magnet”. The truck was on the front page of Forbes magazine in 2015 as being “The perfect truck”. The Redneck Chariot is almost considered an “urban legend” amongst the people of Alabama because of its elusiveness and ability to off-road. In some ways the truck almost has a mind and soul of its own.
The Redneck Chariot will take you anywhere at anytime, because it is the true perfect truck.
by Rambo1782 January 7, 2023
A green version of lean that comes from outer space. Joe Biden is quoted in an interview saying “we need dat Alien Lean”.
Gotta move the Alien Lean to the boys in O Block.
by Rambo1782 January 12, 2023
Rambo is the maroon Chevy Silverado owned by famous guitarist and country boy Mr. Bowdoin. Rambo has been seen from time to time mud riding out in the “sticks” of Alabama with no other than The Redneck Chariot. Rambo has a love for its driver that no other love could compare. Mr. Bowdoin is quoted as saying “That truck has gotten me out of everything”. And “I’m keeping him until the day I die”. Bowdoin and Rambo share a bond like no other, A bond that can’t be broken and will last until the end of time.
No truck can compare to Bowdoin’s Rambo.
by Rambo1782 January 8, 2023
A highly offensive term used to describe a person of African decent. Jungle meaning a dark skinned person from the jungle and pirate meaning someone who steals. The term was common in the 1940s but didn’t pick back up until the mid 1980s.
That damn Jungle Pirate stole my bike!
by Rambo1782 January 1, 2023